The golden repertoire of Kosobrin's homemade dishes is traditional Slovenian “spoon food”: JOTA STEW, VEAL STEW, BARLEY STEW, GOULASH, MUSHROOM SOUP and BUCKWHEAT CORN MUSH or ŽGANCI. All dishes are prepared from fresh ingredients, without additives and flour, so we can offer them even to those guests who are hypersensitive to gluten.

Ponudba domačih jediOur stews, jota and barley stew, which are traditionally cooked with meat, are in foundation prepared without meat. Chunks of meat or sausages are added later, at the request of the guest, so these dishes can freely be enjoyed by vegetarians.

Almost every weekend, when the weather is nice, we prepare SLOWLY ROASTED AND SMOKED MEAT FROM OUR "SMOKER". This is a special oven in which the pork neck and ribs are slowly smoked and roasted. The process takes its time and usually such meat is slowly roasted for four or five hours. As a side dish, we serve POTATO SALAD or SAUTE POTATOES from a large pan.

The “seasonal” food definitely includes SOUR MILK, which goes well with buckwheat porridge or fresh HOMEBAKED BREAD. We bake our bread in a traditional way that takes its time, therefore, we start our workday in the kitchen by baking bread.

Ponudba domačih jediThe plate of HOMEMADE CHEESE, which for some guests is the beginning and for others the end of the meal, consists of at least three types of cheese: made of cow, goat and sheep milk, all home-made and organic.

CARNIOLAN SAUSAGE is the queen of the menu; served on its own, with a side dish or as a lard in a stew. Perfect in every dish.

There is always room for dessert, right? Be it sweet ŠTRUKLJI or rolled dumplings, blueberry STRUDEL or always desirable PANCAKES. In summer, you can't do without ice cream, so you should try HOMEMADE ICE CREAM WITH PUMPKIN OIL. There is only one taste but a divine one − vanilla with caramelized pistachios.


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